face01 および face02

face01 および face02


This time I would like to write about two experimental computer graphics works that I made by coloring and altering the form of a sketch on the computer.



Though these are computer graphics pieces, the first step was drawing by hand. First, I sketched the form of a woman using a photograph as reference. Recently, when I sketch from a photograph or from life, I have come to like drawing directly with a pen right from the first step without making a rough sketch with a pencil first. This means that I cannot use an eraser to erase or adjust lines, which turns sketching into an all-or-nothing affair where I have to draw each line carefully without any mistakes. Of course, sketching in this style makes it absolutely impossible to depict objects with complete accuracy, so the goal is to see just how accurately you can draw. For example, you can actually make a fairly faithful rendering if, while you are drawing, you focus on multiple elements like the shape of the form you are drawing, the negative space (like the space outside the subject or the space between the legs or the arms and body), and the contour. Examples of this could be things like the angle of the contour line of the arm of person you are drawing, the length of the arm as a shape, and questions like what kind of shape is the space between the arm and the body, how big is it, where does the hand overlap the body, and what is the angle of the part that is being overlapped? Obviously, you do have to consider the same types of things when sketching with a pencil first and then going over that with a pen, but because in that case you are able to erase lines and adjust shapes while you draw, the level of alertness feels completely different to me.


I love that feeling of having to retain total alertness. When I put my entire self on the line with each line, I really feel alive. I feel a sense of unity with the figure that I am looking at and each line that I am drawing. And within these moments requiring a high level of alertness and within this deep concentration and feeling of unity, I feel like I can actualize my recent themes of "linking the subconscious and conscious minds" and "tapping into the power generated from the subconscious mind." It is almost like the act of looking and drawing becomes a process of tapping into an infinite power that exists deep within you, but which you don't normally sense.


In those terms, this kind of art draws out the same sensations and messages as the the feelings inspired in me and the things I want to express when I draw imaginary creatures and strange machines.


スケッチをパソコンで取り込んだあと、フォトショップで色を塗り、以前紹介させて頂いた「 outer 」および「 Night Temple 」という作品と同じ過程で Flash というソフトで「ビットマップのトレス」という機能を使いベクター画像へと変換しました。この変換により、画像が一つの形式から別な形式へと変わる時にソフトがその画像の見た目を設定した設定値という範囲の中で変えますので、自分で描いて、自分で色を塗ったイラストからは全く新しい、パソコンとの共同制作作品と呼んでも良いものが生まれます。

After imputing the sketch into the computer, I colored it in Photoshop and then converted it into a vector image using the "Trace Bitmap" function of the software called Flash in the same process I used for the works "outer" and "Night Temple," which I wrote about here previously. This conversion results in the software changing the appearance of that image within the range of the imputed values when the image changes from one format to another, resulting in an image that is completely different from the drawing that I drew and colored myself, an image that could even be called a collaboration between myself and the computer.


After that, I added a sense of depth by adjusting the transparency of parts of the converted image. This is more of a decorative sense of depth than a realistic sense of depth. I was going after accuracy in the sketching stage, but in this stage I was more interested in an experimental feel and decorativeness.

「 face 01 」と呼ぶことにした作品は顔のアップにすることにしまして、「 face 02 」にはその顔のアップの上に体全の体をうすく重ねてみました。どちらの作品も作成する過程はとても楽しく、スケッチの段階から最後の仕上げまでとても勉強になった作品でした。

I featured a close up of the face in the piece that I decided to call "face 01," and lightly juxtaposed the entire body over that close up in "face 02." The process of creation was very fun for both pieces, and I learned a lot through the entire process, from the sketch stage to the finishing touches.