「but what if?」
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「 but what if? 」

「 but what if? 」

Speaking of surreal comics, I wonder if this one would qualify?

I drew it in English, but here is a possible Japanese translation below.

But what if?

And then, if it ever did...
そして、そのようなことが(起こったのなら) …

Then I'm telling to you baby...
君に言いますが … (ここは元々、わざと多少不自然にしました)

うわ …


What the heck could it all possibly mean?

But of course, all he had to say for himself was...
けれど、結局彼は言い訳として言えたのはたった …

ハァ … (ため息)

今回の作品の題名を「 But what if? 」(〜だったらどうする?)にしたのは、小さいころ「〜だったらどうする?」という質問をいつも聞いていました。たとえば、いきなり、「太陽が紫だったらどうする?」とか。家族の皆はいつもそのような質問を聞いて大笑いしたりからかったりしていました。紙に大きく書きたくなって、それ以降の部分は「意識の流れ」で形になっていきました。

The reason I titled this comic "But what if?" is that, when I was little I used to have the habit of asking the question, "but what if...?" Like, all of a sudden, I would say, "But what if the sun was purple?" My family used to really laugh a lot and make fun of me about it. All of a sudden I really wanted to write those words in big letters on a piece of paper, and the rest of the comic sort of took shape in a "stream of conscious" way.

ふざけた気分でさらっと描いてみましたが、どちらかと言いますと「ゴールデンラッキー」を描いた榎本俊二(えのもと・しゅんじ)または「もう俺、ハエでいいや」を描いています大ハシ正ヤ(おおはし・まさや)を代表する「ノンセンス漫画」というジャンル、そしてアメリカの 1960 年代のアンダーグラウンド・コミックス運動を代表するロバート・クラムの作品にもとても影響を受けています。

I was kind of just playing around with this one, but I guess you could say that I am really influenced by the "nonsense comics" genre of people like Shunji Enomoto, who drew "Golden Lucky," and Masaya Ohayashi, who is drawing "Mo ore, hae de iiya" (Actually, I'm ok just being a fly), or the works of Robert Crumb, a main figure in the underground comics movement of 1960s America.


I think that the common ground of these cartoonists is that some of their works contain elements that are incomprehensible to the conscious mind (the type of thinking we use when awake), and yet oddly communicate a kind of message to the subconscious mind (the type of thinking we use when asleep, the part of our mind that creates dreams). With those kinds of comics, it's less about understanding the meaning, and more about feeling a link with your own subconscious mind and the subconscious mind of the artist, or experiencing a feeling that something within you is "responding" when you look at the works.


I think that the workings of the subconscious mind still represent an unknown world to us. And maybe images and words that have not been adjusted or edited by the conscious mind are filled with the power from that world. Perhaps when we look at or read those kinds of images or words, something within us responds to that power, and something moves within the unfathomable world of our subconscious minds.


That is what I was aiming for with this comic.