slinky corridor (スリンキーの通路)
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slinky corridor ( スリンキーの通路 )

slinky corridor ( スリンキーの通路 )


I started this piece with the intent of making a surreal comic.


The type of thing I had in mind for a "surreal comic" at the time was this: I wanted to draw images generated by the subconscious mind without any conscious editing, and then, after the drawings were completed, I would take words that popped up into my head in a stream-of-conscious fashion inspired by looking at the images and write those words over the drawing on the computer. I wanted to create a magical realm where the entire process, encompassing both the drawing of the images and the inscription of the words, is not held back by concepts like "realism" or "pragmatism," and where while the reader may not understand the comic in terms of the conscious mind (the type of thinking we use when awake), the "true intent" of the comic is imparted to the reader's subconscious mind (the type of thinking we use when asleep, the part of our mind that creates dreams).


During the creation process, I decided that I wanted to rework the project concept into a single image that, while not a comic story in and of itself, contains a very strong narrative quality. I may continue this project and create a surreal comic story at some point, but for now I am, for some reason, incredibly satisfied with this single image without any words.


Incidentally, after I drew this page, I realized that I wanted to push the idea of imbuing a narrative quality into a single image even farther. Maybe a work that, while definitely not communicating a clear-cut story in the traditional sense, oddly does makes you feel as if you were reading a story ? maybe this is the true shape of a "surreal comic" that speaks directly to the viewer's subconscious mind.


I want to keep on searching for my own personal answer to the question of "what is a surreal comic?"


Process: I drew the lines and black shadows in black marker and brush pen, and scanned the drawing into my computer. Then, I colored it in Photoshop.